Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Profile of Aura Sanchez Garfunke

Aura Sanchez Garfunkel is a lawyer in Winthrop, Massachusetts working part time as project coordinator of a legal access program for undocumented women who are victims of domestic abuse. In the past her work has included among others: a poverty lawyer and associate director at Greater Boston Legal Services; executive director of Health and Human Services for the city of Chelsea, Massachusetts, and country director for the US Peace Corps in Micronesia. She has travelled extensively and, in addition to living in Micronesia, lived in Lima, Peru; Hiedelberg, Germany; and Jersualem. Aura grew up bilingual in Spanish and English, born in the South Bronx to parents who migrated to New York City from Puerto Rico. She attended City University of New York at Brooklyn College, Harvard University School of Education and Northeastern Law School. Because of her own upbringing she has always been fascinated by cultures and cross-cultures and as a result, majored in anthropolgy at Brooklyn College. When she's not working on immigrant issues she's writing and performing. Aura is a member of the Streetfeet Women's Company, a multi-cultural group of writers and performers. The group has been in existence for 25 years and has published a collection of their work called Laughing In The Kitchen. They have also performed in the Greater Boston area as well as at UN celebrations of the Year of the Woman. Aura has 2 sons who live on the west coast and a daughter who also lives in Winthrop.

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